Gossett Brothers

Sandia Speedway—Saturday nights at the high banks of the dirt oval track at Sandia Speedway is where you will find speed, excitement and the Sprint 24 race team. In the film you are about to see you will learn a little about what is like to be a part of people who have come together over a love of racing, their spirit of competition and friendship. You will see a glimpse into New Mexico’s long history of sprint car racing. The New Mexico MotorRacing Association was formed in 1949 and produced great race car drivers whosenames you may recognize like Unser, Taylor and Herrera just to name a few. Come out to the Speedway and visit with drivers, crews and race fans. Bring your children to the pits after the race and have them meet drivers, sit in the cars and take pictures. This is the “adventure that feeds the soul” of the New Mexico Racers!